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Bocaditos y Tapas

citrus marinated shrimp/ snapper/ avocado slices/ corn totopos

Quesadilla de Camaron 10
grilled shrimp/ mozarella/ Oaxaca cheese/ roasted corn/ red peppers/ toasted pumpkin seeds/ scallions/

Trio de Empanaditas 8
chicken/ pork/ bean/ cilantro dipping sauce

Crepas de Huitlacoche 10
sauteed Mexican truffles/ panela cheese/ cream sauce

Taquitos de Filete Mignon 10
grilled beef tenderloin/ petite corn tortilla/ guacamole chutney

Taquitos de Cochinita Pibil 8
achiote marinated pulled pork/ corn tortillas/ pickles onions

Taquito de Patito 8
apricot glazed duck/ red cabbage/ habanero hoisin aioli/ flour tortilla


Shrimp Wrap 9
achiote marinated shrimp/ mixed field greens/ mozzarella-jack/ wasabi mayo

Garden Wrap 9
grilled mixed vegetables/ mixed field greens/ cilantro pesto/ avocado/ red onions 

Grilled Chicken Wrap 9
tender chicken breast/ mixed field greens/ panela cheese/ jalapeno aioli

Grilled Chicken Panini 9
chicken breast/ mozarella cheese/ chipotle cream sauce/ pickles

Cubano 9
shredded roasted pork and ham/ swiss cheese/ mustard/ pickles

Torta de Cerdo 10
pan seared pork tenderloin paillard/ caramelized onions/ lettuce/ tomato/ honey-dijon mustard

Bistro Burger 10
grilled beef patty/ sauteed mushrooms/ cheddar/ bacon/
traditional garniture

Sanduche de Pescado 11
potato chip crusted fish filet/ lettuce/ tomato/ chile piquin tarter/ kaiser roll

wraps and sandwiches are served with French fries or sweet potato fries

substitute: yucca fries 2/ fruit salad 3/ chipotle potato salad 3        


Sopa de Frijoles Negros 3/5
black beans/ tomato/ onions/ red peppers/ vegetable stock

Lobster Bisque 5/7
roasted lobster meat/ sherry distillate

Sopa del Dia 4/6


Chevre 8
baby spinach/ candied sunflower seeds/ caramelized shallots/ Texas goat cheese/ rasberry vinaigrette

Mixto Exotica 8
roasted corn/ tropical fruits/ plantain chips/ mixed greens/ red peppers/ vanilla-shallot vinaigrette

Ensalada de Sandia 8
organic spinach/ Texas Valley watermelon/ queso fresco/ candied almonds/ citrus vinaigrette

Chipotle Caesar 8
hearts of romaine/ manchego cheese/ chipotle Caesar dressing

Solo Ensalada 6
Mixed baby fiels greens/ roasted garlic cilantro dressing

Add to any salad:
chicken 5/ salmon 7/ soft shell crab 9


Pork Tenderloin 12
churrasco cut pork/ red chimichurri sauce

Salmon en Salsa Habanero 14

seared salmon/ mild habanero beurre-blanc

MIlanesa de Pollo 14
panko crusted chicken breast/ black bean puree

Trucha 16
pan seared butterflied rainbow trout/ chipotle-pineapple puree

choice of 2 sides:
starch: chipotle garlic mashed potatoes/ roasted maduros/ tortitas de yucca

veggies: ginger snow peas/ grilled carrots/
 sauteed green beans